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Looking to pamper yourself? Like convenience? Are you into super cool tech? Consider purchasing a smart toilet!

What is a smart toilet?

A smart toilet is a bathroom plumbing fixture with multifunctional advanced technology aimed at providing convenience and pampering. They’re designed to make life easier and more streamlined.

Possible features of smart toilet:

There are a few different brands that manufacture smart toilets. Each company and each model vary slightly. The following are possible features of a smart toilet:

  • Built-in bidets: Most smart toilets have a built-in bidet often having temperature and pressure controls.
  • Air dryer: Some models provide a robust and wide flow drying function with adjustable temperature. The average drying time for a typical smart toilet is 1-3 minutes.
  • Touchless flushing: A sensor notes when you move away from the toilet for convenient and hygienic flushing. Some models require a wave of a hand in front of the sensor.
  • Seat warmers: The majority of smart toilets warm the toilet seat to fit your preferred temperature.
  • An automatic lid: A sensor enables the toilet to open or close a self-activating lid, making the experience completely touch-free.
  • Nightlight: Some smart toilets offer ambient night lighting.
  • Self-cleaning features: Some models feature a robotic cleaning arm while others utilize ultraviolet light for cleaning.
  • Self deodorizing: Some smart toilets have an automatically activated carbon deodorizer that sucks the air from the toilet bowl and blows it through a catalyst wall of activated charcoal that absorbs odours.
  • Overflow protection: Some models head off an overflow by preventing you from flushing when there is a clog.
  • Built-in sensors are designed to alert you to tank leaks and blockages.
  • Remote control features let you input your desired settings and manage your smart toilet at the press of a button.
  • Emergency flush systems are handy to use during power outages.
  • A foot warmer, because the bathroom is no place for cold feet.
  • Bluetooth and MP3 compatibility so you can listen to some tunes.

What are the advantages of a smart toilet? There are a number of advantages to the use of a smart toilet. Smart toilets are:

  • Space-saving: Smart toilets are often smaller than typical toilets. Some models place the cistern and required button on the wall.
  • Hygienic: Smart toilets are often operated completely touch-free making them extremely hygienic. Self-cleaning and voice-activated functions ensure proper sanitation and maintenance.
  • Perfect for the ageing and disabled population: Smart toilets are easier to use for those with disabilities or those who are ageing, making it easier to take care of their own needs. Many models come with comfort height/chair-height seating, making sitting down and standing up easier.
  • Low on water consumption: Smart toilets sense how much water is needed, then flush efficiently, reducing the overall quantity of water used.

The disadvantages of a smart toilet: Don’t run to the plumbing and fixture store just yet! There are a few drawbacks to smart toilets.

  • Cost: Smart toilets range between $1,000 and $9,000 dollars!
  • Electricity usage: The technology of a smart toilet will consume more electricity than a standard toilet.
  • Repairs: As with any technology, a smart toilet will require specialized repairs and maintenance that can be costly and not necessarily available in your area.
  • Learning curve: Depending on the number of features you choose, using a smart toilet takes time to learn.

A smart toilet comes with a range of features for added comfort, ease of use, and hygiene. It will make your bathroom a luxurious escape. These bathroom fixtures are suited for design plans where space is an issue and are more comfortable for the ageing and disabled. Is a smart toilet right for you?

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