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There are many Calgary plumbers to choose from, and it’s a good idea to have one in mind before an emergency strikes. But if you’re choosing which plumber’s name and number are going on your fridge before you actually need their help, how do you decide whom to choose?

Professional and Friendly.

One place you may want to start is looking for a team that just leaves you feeling like they’re good, honest, reliable people. After all, your Calgary plumber is going to be invited into your home. You’re trusting that they will fix any problems they find and not overcharge you for issues that aren’t there. One of your first priorities in choosing a plumber just has to be going with your gut about who you want in your house. Word of mouth from your friends can be a good tool for determining how professional and friendly a team is, and testimonials can help too. Every Calgary plumber is a little different. Some are distant, non-commutative and interested only in the job at hand, while others are are very friendly and chatty to the point where they seem to forget that they’re in your home for a reason.

We like to think we’re somewhere in the middle. We love getting know our clients (and their dogs!), and we’ll take the time to explain what went wrong with your plumbing and what your repair options are, along with our recommendation. But we’re at your home to get the job done, and we’re going to do that in a timely manner.

Red Seal.

Your other core priority has to be how good they are at their job. The kindest and most generous plumber in the world won’t do you a lot of good, if they don’t know their way around a bathroom. Our team at the Plumbing Paramedics are all Red Seal certified. Red Seal is an additional certificate that is recognized across Canada as well as internationally. Earning your Red Seal indicates that a tradesperson has succeeded in achieving the highest level of education and knowledge of their trade. While any plumber who has completed their journeyman should be competent, a Red Seal certified plumber has already demonstrated that they take their work very seriously and are ready to go the extra step for perfect plumbing.

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