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Canada Day is going to look a little different this year. As we socially distance, attending community events, like barbeques and parades, isn’t going to be as safe as it was in previous years. Instead, Albertans will hopefully make a different choice by celebrating Canada Day at home or by going camping. As the province continues to open up, Calgarians could even enjoy Canada Day by spending time with friends or family members they haven’t seen since March. Here are some suggestions for how to celebrate — while staying safe — from our team of Calgary plumbers.

BYOE Party.

We’ve all attended a Bring-Your-Own-Booze Party, but now it’s time to plan a Bring-Your-Own-Everything picnic. From your meal to your fork, the best way to plan a safe dinner party is to have everyone pack their own food, tableware, and set up tables or blankets outdoors at a social safe distance. Epidemiologists have suggested that one of the best ways to mitigate the risk of contagion is to meet with one another outdoors while maintaining a 2m social distance.

Set Up the Sprinkler.

It can be hard to keep kids socially distanced, but one fun lawn game could be turning on the sprinkler or filling up the water guns. These water games help keep kids cool and running around, but unlike a backyard pool, a sprinkler or water gun fight has some distance built into the activity. Ask kiddos from different households to take turns running through the water. Give each kid a pool noodle to help them physically see how far apart they should stay from other kids.

Can Guests Use my Bathroom?

We’re not virus experts, but from what we’ve read, it should be okay to let guests use your bathroom. Ideally, they should go into the house by themselves, use the washroom quickly, clean up carefully (this isn’t a time to skip washing hands!), and exit the house without touching anything else. The virus doesn’t easily spread from shared surfaces, so while you’ll want to sanitize your washroom after your guest leaves, you don’t need to panic because someone needs to pee. One thing you may want to consider is asking guests not to use your ensuite or main family bathroom, if possible. 

If your house only has a single bathroom, now may be a good time to consider working with a Calgary plumber and general contractor to make a two-piece powder room. These small guest bathrooms not only add value to your home, but they may also help to protect your family as pandemics and epidemics become more and more common.

From our family at the Plumbing Paramedics to yours at home, Happy Canada Day! And if you’re thinking of getting started on that powder room project — or just need a Calgary plumber to come to clear out your sprinkler system, give us a call today.

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