Is It Time for a New Toilet?

Is It Time for a New Toilet? - Plumbing Paramedics - Expert Calgary Plumbers

Last month we talked about smart toilets, but you don’t need to want a $1200 porcelain throne complete with seat warmer and remote control to consider whether your old toilet needs to be replaced. From leaks, to frequent clogs, or just wanting to save water, there are many reasons why Calgarians consider upgrading their toilet.

It’s Old.

The older your toilet, the more water it’s probably wasting. Your average modern toilet uses around 1.6 gallons of water per flush, but if your toilet is from the early 90s or older, it’s probably using twice that. The problem is that all that extra water doesn’t make your toilet better at flushing away wastes. Reducing clogs actually has a lot more to do with the shape of the toilet, so it’s just using twice as much water for nothing.

It’s Leaking.

It’s a coin toss as to whether or not your toilet will obviously be leaking or just silently wasting water. Fortunately, there’s an extremely easy and cheap test. Just put a few drops of food colouring into the water reservoir. If you find colour in the bowl after a few hours (and no one’s used the toilet), you have a leak.

It’s Always Clogging.

As we’ve already mentioned, this comes down to the shape of the toilet significantly more than how much water it’s using. Therefore, we still recommend considering low-flow toilet options even if this is a problem for your family. Just make sure to do some research on which toilet bowl and plumbing will be conducive to your family’s needs.  

There are many reasons why you may want to replace an old toilet. Saving water and removing a cause for frustration are just two of the most common motivators. If you’re interested in replacing your toilet and need some advice, or if you’ve already bought a new one and need a trusted Calgary plumber to help you install it, give the experts at Plumbing Paramedics a call today.