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Published On: 1 July 2020Categories: Latest News

While COVID-19 can’t be spread by water, many Calgarians are going to choose to avoid the pool this year. Other public watering holes, like splash parks and the lake, are safer alternatives. Being outdoors helps to limit the spread of the virus even without social distance, and social distancing is easier outside as well. But we know that a lot of Calgarians are going to choose to try and stay cool from home, so how can you achieve that without breaking the bank?

Set Up a Mini Home Pool.

There are lots of kiddie pools and even inflatable large pools that the whole family can enjoy. These are good options for Calgary families who don’t want to commit to the work and expense of having a permanent pool. The swimming season is pretty short in Calgary, so an inflatable pool is an affordable option that can be put away when the weather is cool. By filling this pool up and leaving it full, you’ll be able to benefit from the sun heating the water, and you won’t use nearly as much water. To prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your pool, consider changing the water once a week. This will also ensure the water doesn’t get too grungy.

Sprinkler Run for the Lawn & Kids.

Many Calgarians are going to be taking extra care of their lawns this year. As we spend more time at our house, it makes sense that we want our yards to look nice. There are two ideal times to water for maximizing water efficiency: early morning and evening. If you have kids who love to run in the sprinkler, wait until the evening to set it up; that way your kids can enjoy the run of the sprinkler while your grass benefits too!

Install Energy-Efficient Options.

Did you know that a new energy-efficient dishwasher uses just three gallons of water compared to 27 gallons when washing a load of dishes by hand? Similarly, a new dual flush toilet uses far less water than an older model and high-efficiency showerheads and faucets can also save you hundreds or thousands of gallons of water each year. Working with a friendly Calgary plumber to update your fixtures to the newest, most energy-efficient models can save you a lot of money in the long run. Our experts can help you find the right models for your family.

Many Calgarians see their water bill spike during the summer months. The experienced Calgary plumbers at Plumbing Paramedics are here to help Calgarians save money. Contact our team to learn about environmentally-friendly options to save water and money.

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