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The days are getting hot, but many of Calgary’s favourite watering holes, like the pools and beaches, are not particularly social-distancing friendly. To make matters worse, many of us are refraining from camping, hiking in the mountains, or even visiting our cabins. But how are Calgarians to stay cool as we avoid our favourite outdoor activities and public oases?

Choose the Right Window Coverings.

It may seem pretty obvious, but a lot of the unwanted heat in your home is coming in through the windows. When windows are left uncovered and the sunlight can pour in, you’ve basically turned your home into a greenhouse.  So it’s no surprise that you can reduce up to a third of heat by keeping the blinds closed. For the best results, you’ll want to choose high-efficiency, thermal window covers. Some black-out blinds even have a slightly reflective, white backing to shield your home further from the light.

Choose LEDs.

At Plumbing Paramedics, we’re always encouraging Calgarians to make the switch to more environmentally-friendly options. If the summer heat is driving you crazy, that’s just another reason to switch out all those old incandescent bulbs for LEDs. Incandescent bulbs are extremely inefficient, with 90% of the electricity going into the bulb being converted into heat (only 10% of the power you’re paying for is actually turned into light!). That means switching to LEDs won’t just save you money, it’ll also cool down your house a little.

Cook Outdoors.

Getting rid of the tiny ovens that are incandescent bulbs is a good start, but you’ll also want to avoid turning on your real oven as well. Instead, get out the barbeque and cook outdoors. With a little creativity, pretty much anything can be cooked on a barbeque, and your house will stay cooler if you can avoid turning on a hot oven. 

Since many Calgarians are spending more time outdoors in their own yard, you may also want to consider planting a tree (or four!). Deciduous trees grow into brilliant temperature augmenters for a house. During the summer, their lush, leafy canopies cast a shadow on your house, helping to control heat. But during the winter, they shed their leaves, allowing your home to soak up all that sunshine.

Focus on You.

Stay focused on what really matters — you feeling cool and comfortable. From drinking cool beverages to taking a shower or bath to rinse away the sweat, if you feel comfortable it doesn’t matter what temperature the thermostat reads. Remember to also invest in water-efficient showerheads and faucets to reduce how much water you use as you cool off.

During the summer months, the water bill almost always goes up as Calgarians try to keep cool. We’re certain that with limited access to pools and beaches, this will only be more true this year. Talk with an experienced Calgary plumber about how you can reduce your water footprint while staying cool.

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