Is Your Furnace Winter Ready?

Is Your Furnace Winter Ready? - Plumbing Paramedics - Plumbing Experts Calgary

Considering our snowy October, we may have missed our mark with this article, but regardless of the crazy weather, if you haven’t already started thinking about your furnace, now is the time! Winter may be arriving sooner each year in Calgary, but they aren’t leaving any quicker. That means Calgarians have a good 5 months of cold weather ahead of us, and your furnace needs to be ready!

Double Your Furnace’s Lifespan.

A new, high-efficiency furnace should last you several years. In fact, a high quality furnace can serve you anywhere from 15-30 years. With a new furnace costing thousands of dollars, we’re willing to assume you’ll want yours to last as long as possible, but it’ll take regular inspections and maintenance to keep your furnace running optimally for so many years.

So what decides whether your furnace lasts a mere 15 years or a full 30? The make and model of your furnace are going to have an effect. But, by far, the most important factor is how well the furnace is cared for. Most manufacturers now expect homeowners to have their furnace inspected and maintained annually if they want the warranty to be honoured. This is for good reason. Furnaces rarely have sudden big problems. Instead, smaller issues gradually build up over time. An annual inspection will catch worn out parts and other small malfunctions before they cause a catastrophic problem, greatly extending the lifespan of your furnace.

Safeguard Your Home Against Emergencies.

A broken furnace in the middle of January isn’t just an inconvenience — it’s dangerous! Winters in Alberta can easily dip to below -40 or -50 with the windchill overnight, so we rely on our homes to keep us safe and warm from the winter bite. We can’t imagine the stress someone would feel worrying whether their furnace is reliable or whether it will breakdown during the middle of the night. An annual inspection helps to give you peace of mind. Our Calgary furnace experts can tell you exactly how well your furnace is running and whether you should consider any repairs or maintenance. That way you can go into the heart of winter with the information you need to keep your home and family warm and safe.

Every year we hear from panicked Calgarians whose furnace has died when it’s -30 outside. Don’t be one of them! Call us today for a furnace inspection, and stay cozy warm all winter long.