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Published On: 1 June 2020Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

With social distancing recommendations still going strong in Calgary, many of us have a house full of people. Kids are home from school, and many parents are working from home. It’s no surprise that all those extra hours at home are taking a toll on your plumbing system. But if your toddler has clogged the toilet or your shower isn’t draining, can you really call a Calgary plumber to come help and still maintain social distancing? Absolutely!

Plumbing services are essential, and the ongoing challenges of working from home while caring for children and also learning how to homeschool shouldn’t be compounded by a plumbing problem. A functional plumbing system is necessary for peaceful living at home — especially when our houses are extra full of people, and you deserve to have access to safe essential plumbing services. This is exactly why the professional Calgary plumbers at Plumbing Paramedics are here for you.

Despite the pandemic, Plumbing Paramedics are committed to continuing to provide the same level of excellence you have come to expect of our employees. However, our services are going to be a little different. We’ve always prided ourselves on being Calgary’s friendliest team of plumbers, but for the time being, our plumbers are unable to offer a handshake — though we’ll still come with a smile! Here are a few other extra precautions our team will be taking in order to keep themselves, and our customers, safe and healthy.

  • Our plumbers will be washing their hands carefully before, after, and during appointments.
  • After washing their hands, our plumbers will put on a fresh pair of rubber gloves.
  • Like hands, tools are also disinfected and cleaned regularly.
  • Our plumbers will practice a social distancing of two metres, and we ask that all of our clients also keep back two metres. We know that it often feels like you need to be in the bathroom or under the sink with our technician in order to point out problems and communicate what needs to be done, but at this time it’s important for both homeowners and technicians to work together to communicate without physical contact.
  • Our friendly office staff will be asking customers whether they have (or have had contact with someone who has) travelled outside of Alberta in the last 14 days. We’ll also be asking customers if they are showing any signs of cold or flu symptoms. For the safety of our workers and our shared community, we rely on our customers to answer these questions honestly. We’ll be happy to serve you in two weeks when your quarantine is over!

A lot has changed since COVID-19 struck the world, but one thing hasn’t — we value your business and we are honoured to be your Calgary plumber of choice. If you need help with essential plumbing services during these difficult times, do not hesitate to contact our team! We’ll be there to help.

Call us at (403) 452-2911 or Book Now an appointment.

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