Calgary Furnace Maintenance

Everyone knows that they’re supposed to change their furnace filter every three months. It can be hard to remember, but filter changes are a vital part of keeping your furnace working like new. An older filter can fill with dust. It makes it hard for hot air to pass into your house, and that lowers your efficiency and raises your risks for a dust fire. But did you know that just one chore your furnace needs to stay in top-shape?

From clearing built-up carbon to flue pipe inspections, there are couple hours worth of furnace related maintenance that should get done at least once a year. The internet can be a great resource for the skilled DIYer, but for most Calgary homeowners, having an annual inspection by a skilled team member of the Plumbing Paramedics is probably a better idea. We know what nooks and crannies to examine, the signs of big problems to come, and have a holistic understanding of how the heating and plumbing in your home all work together. Many furnace manufacturers also require an annual inspection by a skilled technician in order to honour your furnace’s warranty.

If you’re looking for furnace maintenance for your Calgary home, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re on top of your filter changes or too busy to remember your furnace as long as it’s still running, your home can benefit from having an expert technician give your furnace a check-up and any necessary maintenance. Book your inspection with Plumbing Paramedics today.